Reliable and scalable track and trace platform for the supply chain.

OpsSmart Blockchain Powered Architecture

OpsSmart is one of the pioneers in the use of Blockchain technology in the areas of food safety and traceability.  OpsSmart blockchain is a shared, traceable and transparent ledger for record keeping. Information is captured in each transaction along a supply chain, which is agreed on by the business stakeholders and the supply chain members. All of it by utilizing OpsSmart software. These records are made permanent once a record is matured by reaching an acceptable conclusion or a consensus is reached.

OpsSmart, through Blockchain, increases and manages:

  1. Transparency
  2. Authenticity
  3. Efficiency
  4. Food Safety
  5. Protection against Waste and Fraud
  6. Enhancing Traceability


Electronic tracking and storage of all product information at all stages of supply chain

  • Farm origination data, growing / raising conditions
  • Factory/processing data
  • Batch numbers
  • Expiration dates
  • Storage temperatures and conditions
  • Shipping data
  • Strengthens safeguards related to food authenticity, thus avoiding food fraud
  • Consumer confidence increases because producers and any related parties are held accountable


  • OpsSmart delivers the enhanced ability to provide controls over information that is legitimate/authentic and is stored on a blockchain
  • OpsSmart delivers the ability to grant permission to access particular information, all information, or to protect information
  • OpsSmart delivers the ability to provide control over financial systems including payment systems, customer financial records, and the internal/external finances 


OpsSmart improves how food is tracked, transported, and sold

  • Inaccuracies caused by traditional paper tracking and manual inspection or non-interrelated systems
  • Retailers can better manage product shelf life
  • Streamlines distribution process: traditional offline retailers continue to be pressured by industry giants’ efficient supply chain
  • Cuts costs & reduces food waste: ability to stay in business by differentiating between being able to identify a few tainted packages of salad or meat or removing the entire stock of salad or meat from hundreds of stores

Food Safety

OpsSmart can influence huge progress in food safety cutting costs and saving lives

  • Fewer contamination incidents
  • Faster detection of problems
  • Recalls can be addressed more quickly: can be a difference of days and minutes in discovering why/when contamination occurred

Protection against Waste and Fraud

  • The blockchain has the potential to take the power of information from Big Food and place it into the hands of the direct customer. Through the use of a simple QR code and a smartphone, customers can scan a package at the Point of Sale and receive a full and complete history of their foods journey from Farm to Fork. OpsSmart is a pioneer in the use of QR codes in food traceability
  • OpsSmart is particularly useful in the grey areas of food traceability, such as country/place of origin labelling. This is an element of food information where it can be difficult to differentiate true claims from false. For instance, a product can claim to be Thai pork when in reality it is, as an example, Vietnam in origin and subsequently processed in the Thailand
  • The OpsSmart blockchain is a useful tool here as it records each interaction with an item and assigns it a digital footprint, meaning it can not be changed or adulterated later by a company seeking to hide the true origin and movement of the product through the chain.
  • This represents a huge opportunity for those companies who see the advantage of early adoption of Blockchain based food traceability solution 

Enhancing Traceability

  • The fundamental concept in the blockchain is a distributed ledger and it is highly useful to solve the food traceability conundrum, since it allows
  • All involved parties to update the ledger as a product moves from one node to another in the value chain, making information immediately available
  • All involved parties in the food chain to have visibility in to the same version of the truth, reducing conflicts and confusion. These two aspects reduce the latency in food traceability from days to hours and minutes, as proven in recent pilots by several leading retailers, including Walmart


The pairing of OpsSmart blockchain with other advanced capabilities can deliver significant benefits. When a potential outbreak occurs, speed is of utmost importance to synthesize information and minimize damage. This speed, along with accuracy of information, could mean potentially millions in savings and minimized reputational cost. Customizable Form Generator – Customers can easily develop forms for data input into the OpsSmart system.  Data can be entered into the forms using handheld devises.  In addition, data can automatically populate the fields in the form by RFID, EDE, bar codes and QR codes

  • Private  or internal blockchain where only authorized people within the organization have access to the information
  • Connected blockchain where data can be securely shared by the stakeholders