Reliable and scalable track and trace platform for the supply chain.

OpsSmart has over 15 years’ experience in the food safety and compliance industry. OpsSmart customers include small farms, multi-billion dollar agribusinesses, grocery retailers and governmental agencies.

The OpsSmart Software traces food across the entire supply chain from the farm to the fork. OpsSmart traces all types of food. The information that OpsSmart traces includes such properties as parent stock, feed, vaccinations, pesticides, health inspections, veterinarian reports, HACCP processes and all other relevant information from the farm through further processing to the retail store. OpsSmart serves as a central repository for all information regarding the trace of ingredients, all data for each critical control point in the supply chain, and all documents pertaining to each lot and batch.

Traced Products

  • Eggs
  • Poultry
  • Seafood (Fish, Shrimp)
  • Meat (Cattle, Lamb, etc.)
  • Produce (Vegetables, Fruits)
  • Grains (Rice, Wheat, Feed)
  • Pharmaceuticals (Poultry, Swine)
  • Finished Products (Dumplings, Fried Chicken,  etc.)
  • Raw Materials (Feed, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Medicine, etc.)

Why OpsSmart

OpsSmart is a dynamic, highly flexible, scalable system, which uses blockchain architecture to accommodate frequent changes in food supply chain process, as well as integrate seamlessly with food vendors existing IT systems. The software allows customers to choose between very basic tracing to meet regulatory requirements and incredibly complex, highly precise detailed tracing systems to meet its supply chains safety and quality optimization goals. The software is highly configurable and can be adapted to allow any degree of breath, depth, and precision depending entirely on the needs of the customer. Moreover, OpsSmart allows each supply chain participant to access their own respective data while simultaneously allowing necessary sharing and linkages of the data throughout the supply chain.

Risk Management


OpsSmart allows companies to manage their risk by allowing for a rapid and precise recall in the event of a problem.

Comply with Government Regulations


OpsSmart allows companies to comply with all government traceability and record keeping requirements.

Comply with Trade Partner requirements


OpsSmart allows all trading partners in the supply chain to exchange information regarding the quality and safety of products.

Improve Operational Efficiency


OpsSmart traceability solutions allows OpsSmart’s customers to monitor and improve their operational efficiencies


The OpsSmart software had been developed on Microsoft Windows platform and database architecture. However, being a web-based application, OpsSmart runs on most popular web browsers. Being truly configurable, OpsSmart application software does not require re-coding or re-design for implementation into a new environment. Rather, its innovative design features allow it to be configured at the top level in a very short time and be deployable within an enterprise ready to meet business’ traceability needs.


OpsSmart customers include small farms, multi-billion dollar agribusinesses,
grocery retailers and governmental agencies